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meet Mcfly

Our robotics team started building our bot by following the instructions that were given to us by FIRST. Then after making sure everything worked correctly, we started to brainstorm as a team and add our own ideas to the robot. We made sure to place the main components in a secure and logical area. The main components are the motor controls, PDP, RoboRio, and signal lights. Some of the ideas we added to our bot didn’t work as we wanted, but making mistakes allowed us to learn and make our robot stronger overall.

IMG_3492 (1).jpg

Frame and structure

Our hometown, Fort Payne, AL, is the former sock capital of the world. So we used the availability of old machine parts and scrap metal to our advantage. Lots of the old sock mill machines were still in great shape, so we cleaned them up and used them for our bot. We used side corners instead of the full wrap around for our protectors because it helps us to minimize the robot’s weight and material usage. We chose to put all of our main components and wiring on a wall structure made out of plastic because it was easier for us to access the components and keep them neat and organized.

Robot Front.PNG
Side View.PNG

2021 Robot run

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